Breaking News: Yes, STAR TREK 2 will be in 3D, but post-converted according to J.J. Abrams

J.J. Abrams at the SUPER 8 celebrates the Blu-ray and DVD release | ©2011 Su Schneider

As J.J. Abrams fears up to direct STAR TREK 2, rumors of characters and plots have been bubbling to the surface, yet there is one thing that is concrete – the movie will be in 3D. J.J. Abrams spoke briefly about what’s happening with STAR TREK 2 while promoting his new show ALCATRAZ at today’s FOX TCA press tour. “The studio wanted to do [3D] and I didn’t want to,” says Abrams. “When I saw parts of the first movie converted though, I thought, ‘it’s okay with them doing it, as long as I could shoot the movie I wanted …Read On »


TCA News: Kiefer Sutherland says TOUCH role is completely different than 24′s Jack Bauer

Kiefer Sutherland and David Mazouz in TOUCH - Season 1 | ©2012 Fox/Brian Bowen Smith

This winter, Kiefer Sutherland returns to Fox network with the new genre series TOUCH playing Martin Bohm, a widowed father trying to communicate with his autistic 11-year old son (David Mazouz) who he discovers has the ability to discover unlikely numerical patterns that connect life on the planet. The show is created by Tim Kring (HEROES). While speaking at today’s FOX TCA press session, Sutherland spoke about jumping into the role of Bohm after wrapping up eight years of playing Jack Bauer on the Fox TV series 24. “[TOUCH] was unbelievably appealing, because it was so different, and I emotionally …Read On »


Exclusive Interview: Nina Dobrev on her two sides of THE VAMPIRE DIARIES

Nina Dobrev in THE VAMPIRE DIARIES - Season 3 | ©2011 The CW/Frank Ockenfels

On the CW’s THE VAMPIRE DIARIES, now in its third season Thursdays at 8 PM, Nina Dobrev stars as Elena Gilbert. Elena always thought she’s just a normal teenager living in Mystic Falls,Virginia, until the youthful-looking vampire Salvatore brothers, Stefan (Paul Wesley) and Damon (Ian Somerhalder) returned to town. Elena soon found herself in love with the ethical Stefan and fighting off her attraction to the homicidal but beguiling Damon. Then Elena found out she has a vampire doppelganger, Katherine (also played by Dobrev), who the Salvatore brothers were both involved with back in the Civil War days. As if …Read On »


Exclusive Interview: Former LOST star Nestor Carbonell talks RINGER and THE DARK KNIGHT RISES

Nestor Carbonell in RINGER - Season 1 | ©2011 The CW/Eric Liebowitz

In the CW’s freshman series RINGER, which airs Tuesdays at 9 PM, Sarah Michelle Gellar stars as twin sisters Bridget and Siobhan. Wealthy Siobhan invited Bridget to New York, then faked her own death. Bridget has adopted Siobhan’s identity, partly to get away from Victor Machado, the determined FBI agent played by Nestor Carbonell, as Victor wants Bridget to testify against a homicidal mob boss. Back in 2004, Carbonell starred with future RINGER colleague Ioan Gruffudd in the short-lived legal drama CENTURY CITY. The New York-born actor has also been a series regular on SUDDENLY SUSAN and THE TICK, but …Read On »


Exclusive Interview: CHUCK star Mark Christopher Lawrence looks back on five seasons of Buy More fun

Mark Christopher Lawrence in CHUCK | ©NBC/Mitchell Haaseth

Actor Mark Christopher Lawrence is known to stage audiences for his comedy in both the stand-up and gospel arenas. In film, he’s had small roles in huge pictures, including TERMINATOR 2: JUDGMENT DAY, CRIMSON TIDE and the cult favorite FEAR OF A BLACK HAT. On television, the Los Angeles native has appeared on many series, but most viewers know him for his series regular role as Big Mike on NBC’s CHUCK, which airs Fridays at 8 PM. In five seasons of CHUCK, Big Mike has gone from being the manager of the Buy More store to an enthusiastic assistant manager. …Read On »


Exclusive Interview: James Marsters on reforming the band GHOST OF THE ROBOT – Part 2

GHOST OF THE ROBOT | ©2011 Ghost of the Robot

The band Ghost of the Robot, headed up by James Marsters, Charlie De Mars and Kevin McPherson, has reunited with new members guitarist Sullivan Marsters (James Marsters’ 15-year-old son) and drummer Jordan Latham. With guest vocalist Micah Biagi, Ghost of the Robot has just released a new album, MURPHY’S LAW, on iTunes, with plans for a CD edition, more new albums and a tour next year. This is Part Two of our exclusive interview. ASSIGNMENT X: What did you do differently this time in the studio? CHARLIE DE MARS: [On Ghost’s previous album MAD BRILLIANT], we just did all tape recording. …Read On »


Exclusive Interview: THE VAMPIRE DIARIES star Paul Wesley has a bite

Paul Wesley at the Bing presents THE CW PREMIERE PARTY | ©2011 Sue Schneider

For the first two seasons of CW’s big hit THE VAMPIRE DIARIES (Thursdays at 8 PM), it was easy to tell the two vampire Salvatore brothers apart. Stefan, played by Paul Wesley, was the good one who never wanted to kill humans, and Damon, played by Ian Somerhalder, was the bad one, who killed whoever and whenever he wanted. In Season Three, the tables are turned. Stefan has let his inner Ripper emerge, and Damon, along with Stefan’s human girlfriend Elena (Nina Dobrev) are desperately trying to restore Stefan to his old self. Wesley is having a blast with the …Read On »


Exclusive Interview: Kirk Acevedo discusses the different worlds of PRIME SUSPECT and FRINGE

Kirk Acevedo and Maria Bello in PRIME SUSPECT - Season 1 | ©2011 NBC/Gavin Bond

Bronx-born actor Kirk Acevedo has spent a good portion of his performing career playing people on one side or the other of the law. After costarring as a soldier in HBO’s landmark WWII miniseries BAND OF BROTHERS, Acevedo was a series regular in 46 episodes of HBO’s prison drama OZ as inmate Miguel Alvarez. He has guest-starred on the original LAW & ORDER, LAW & ORDER: SVU and LAW & ORDER: TRIAL BY JURY. Even when he’s in genre fare, Acevedo seems to wind up in law-enforcement – he’s Fringe Division’s Charlie Francis in both universes on FRINGE. He’s also …Read On »


Composer Interview: Howard Shore talks HUGO and A DANGEROUS METHOD

Howard Shore | ©2011 Howard Shore

In the near four decades that have taken him from being the bandleader of SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE  to walking onto the stage to accept a couple of Oscars, you could say that Howard Shore has been on a continual journey of wide-eyed wonderment, one encompassing as much tender emotion as utter insanity. In over eighty scores, Shore’s used cheerful bells to embody MISS DOUBTFIRE, reached into the percussively booming pit of a serial killer’s mind in SEVEN, given a hack director the symphonic glory of Orson Welles in ED WOOD, created the mind-blowing pulsations of SCANNERS and took the side …Read On »

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